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The Whole Self in Music

We are all sensitive musicians at heart: we all know the power of music to move and transform us.
My aim is to show people how to connect with that power in all forms of music making, how we can work with the whole body and mind to greatly enhance our musical ability, overcome creative blocks and anxiety, gain insight, and find freedom through music.
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About Robert Szymanek

I have been working as a musician and music tutor for over 15 years. My training includes piano, vocal and gamelan performance, ethnomusicology and composition at the Royal Academy of Music, London.

I have been fortunate to perform with and compose for incredible musicians around the world. I am now dedicated to helping people cultivate their own musicality, whether they be professional, keen amateur, advanced student or beginner.


The Sensitive Musician Toolkit

DEThrough my teaching, I share a range of techniques and exercises that awaken and engage our natural capacity to sense and make sense of the world around and inside us.

These techniques draw on both Western and Eastern psychology and contemplative traditions, and I use them in tandem with - and to enliven - conventional methods and knowledge. Together, I call them the Sensitive Musician Toolkit.

Training to be a Sensitive Musician

The things we love about music - that draw us in closer and compel us to want to learn to play or sing - are all too often left out, put aside or forgotten in the actual process of training or studying. The way the music carries us, lifts us or changes our mood, takes us over, or ignites our imagination... : somehow we remove ourselves from much of that when it comes to the practise itself.
In doing so, we leave out a valuable aspect of learning music and the arts at large, which is to allow us an opportunity to transcend our day-to-day existence, discover new ways of seeing and being, and bring all of that back to the other parts of our lives.
It is also easy to focus on 'the notes' or 'technique' as if they are autonomous and independent from the rest of our human (and musical) experience. My understanding through performing, composing and teaching, however, is that the cognitive aspect of music is very much interwoven with our emotions, associations and physical experience, and that a better comprehension of these aspects of ourselves can greatly inform and improve our conceptual and technical ability.
To 'train as a sensitive musician' is to consciously include our whole being - mind, body and heart - within our practise, and to then experience the benefits for our music, our selves and each other.


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