About Robert Szymanek

I am a Music Coach, Tutor and Workshop Leader working in Central London and around the UK. I am passionate about teaching music, motivated by the array of benefits I know music can bring to people, both personally and collectively.
My education includes a PhD in Composition under Brian Elias at the Royal Academy of Music, London, as well as performance training in voice with Mary Hammond and Howard Milner, piano with Shelagh Sutherland and Cristine Mackie, gamelan with Simon Cook and Ethnomusicology at Royal Holloway, University of London. I have been fortunate to perform music in many different places around the world, compose for phenomenal musicians and ensembles, and produce my own albums. I also love to teach music, and have been doing so since 2005. As well as private and freelance teaching, I am Course Leader in Gamelan Ensemble Performance at the University of Manchester, and a member of the Research Group in Intercultural Musicking. I have also taught at the Royal Academy of Music, LSO Discovery, and King's College, Wimbledon.
Throughout all this, I've been relentlessly searching for the 'keys' that unlock human musicality and creativity. Over the years, I have accumulated a variety of techniques and practises that have brought about great changes in my own music and that of my students. They help us engage with our whole self to access more of our potential.
My teaching practise is about showing people all I have learnt and continue to discover: how to connect with their inner sensitive musician, realise their full creative potential and transfer this to everyday life, find joy in every musical activity no matter how simple or difficult, and understand themselves better through music.
I teach in a variety of settings and styles, with both indviduals and groups.
For more information about my work as a performer-composer, go to: robertszymanek.com